Toronto Wedding Photographer

Evergreen Brickworks Wedding - Toronto Wedding Photographer

I always say that I have the best job ever. But really, I feel like I do. I get to spend my days documenting life, in all it’s craziness and beauty. I get to be apart of peoples families, share in some of the most intimate moments and celebrate both the good and sometimes not always good moments life has to offer. Photographing weddings is by far one of my favourite things. Being apart of one of the happiest days any two people can experience is pretty incredible. From beginning to end, we are there. From the moment the dress goes on, and sometimes till the last song is played, we are there…along for the ride, sharing in all the excitement, nerves and love a wedding day offers. You will often find us too, sniffling away behind our cameras as we watch with teary eyes some of the most beautiful moments unravel right before us. It’s precious, it’s beautiful, it’s uplifting, and I simply feel lucky to be able to document these moments and preserve some of these memories.